Walking Slow
Helen Potrebenko

Walking SlowHelen Potrebenko

67 pp; $10.00 ISBN 0-920999-00-X This is Potrebenko’s first collection of verse, published in 1985.     I hope it’s a restaurant and not a bank,     climbing that jesus great hill after Revelstoke.     I hope it’s summer and not winter in Rogers Pass.     Before I get too old for walking,     I’d like to get to Newfoundland.     I’ve…

Still Raising Hell: Poverty, Activism and Other True Stories
Sheila Baxter

Still Raising Hell: Poverty, Activism and Other True Stories Sheila Baxter

$18.95, originally published by Press Gang Publishers In a world of “experts” and “professionals” it’s rare that we hear the true voices of people living in poverty. Baxter’s straight up accounts of poor communities, grass roots activism and initiatives for change are complemented by current statistics on poverty in Canada. Baxter includes interview with other…

When Activism Stops: For Jannit Rabinovitch,
Social Activist Extraordinaire

Lauri Nerman

When Activism Stops: For Jannit Rabinovitch,Social Activist ExtraordinaireLauri Nerman

Broadside, 5×8, folded. $5.00 “Dying is not on an activist’s agenda, the act of surrendering, acceptance giving up for the unknown” Jannit Rabinovitch, a long-time community activist, died in January of 2007 of cancer. She was a co-founder of PEERS (Prostitute Empowerment Education and Resource Society) and brought women escaping violence and homelessness together to…

Helen Potrebenko

Taxi Helen Potrebenko

$10.00 plus shipping charges. In 2009, the Globe and Mail discovered Helen Potrebenko’s Taxi as a “Buried Treasure”. “In the 1970s and ’80s, Helen Potrebenko was a cherished and important Vancouver writer, well known for her early writing in Pedestal, Canada’s first women’s-liberation newspaper, and for her numerous books that included short stories, novels, poems…

The Oldest-Living
Pat Smith

The Oldest-Living Pat Smith

53 pp; $5.95, paper “This play is about very modest people, with modest desires, who seem to know that contentment arises from gratitude and a sense of one’s identity, reinforced by memory and companionship.” — Canadian Literature, #116, Spring 1988 “It is refreshing to read a play that, while showing the physical frailties of old…

Jacqueline Oker

Remember Jacqueline Oker

Oker is a Beaver Indian from Peterson Crossing, British Columbia. “Remember” is a poignant and timely poem about growing up in a residential school, and about how white society is now encouraging her to reclaim her culture: How can I, I replied. You pounded these sinful ways out of me Remember? Broadside Illustration by Russell…

Inside Out: First Nations on the Front Line
Theresa Tait, Wee’hal Lite

Inside Out: First Nations on the Front Line Theresa Tait, Wee’hal Lite

5 1/2 x 8 1/2; 14 pp, saddle-stitched chapbook. 1993 ISBN 0-920999-24-7, $3.50 “As Canada attempts to entrench self government into the constitution, aboriginal people within the work force in and outside the justice system will continue to face resistance within the institutions that serve … this is an acknowledgement of those who do the…

Outlaw Angel
Roman Bociurkiw

Outlaw Angel Roman Bociurkiw

CD $15.99; 20% discount for 10 or more Proceeds will be donated to the Carnegie Centre Music Program in Vancouver, British Columbia. Much like a kobzar, Roman Bociurkiw performed across Canada for many years, until finally settling down in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. He passed away in his sleep on July 5, 2002. This CD brings…