The PovNet Story
64 pp; 7×9
ISBN 978-0-920999-11-0
by Penny Goldsmith and Kara Sievewright

“Digital activism is not about the technology. It’s about the people who use it and benefit from it. In an age when we’re online all the time, communicating with people on the ground continues to be crucial when we look at ways to create change.”

“This book is the story of PovNet advocates and activists working online together. It’s the story of how they have taken the technology and used it for their own purpose in their own communities to build a social justice movement.” — from the Introduction

“In this set of inspiring pictorial narratives from across British Columbia, activists and advocates tell of how they have used PovNet’s online services to support their advocacy and organizing work. The individual stories show the on and off-line networks of connections between people advocating for the rights of poor people, Indigenous people, farmworkers and fishing communities, people with disabilities, and immigrants and refugees.

The final chapter’s timeline provides a telescope of the neo-liberal period of austerity politics, showing the historical relationship between the communications and organizing repertoires of grassroots social justice activists with the restructuring of Canadian government social welfare policies and practices.”

– Dorothy Kidd, Media & International Studies professor at the University of San Francisco
and researcher of the contentious use of communications by social justice movements