by Marusya Bociurkiw
168 pp; $10.00, paper
ISBN 0-920999-0-0
A woman encounters a fag hag, a medieval queen and a seventeenth-century voyageur in an airport lounge…The fall of the Berlin Wall becomes a backdrop for an international lesbian love-triangle. Sexy and funny, these stories move across identities and communities, from Baba’s kitchen and suburban shopping malls to the demi-monde of queer sex and love. Layered with metaphors and lust, this is gutsy, sensual writing juxtaposing lesbian street lore with explorations of feminism, family and cultural location.

“Bociurkiw writes with a sure hand — a hand that is gentle and compassionate as well as swift and sharp. This book feels like panne velvet, lustrous and rippling. Its humour is generous and deep.” –Beth Brant

“In a movement against forgetting, words under the skin of difference spell episodic tales of love and cultural memory. The Woman Who Loved Airports untangles the pleasures (and sometime sadness) of women who defy convention, lesbian and otherwise.” — Janice Williamson

This book was originally published by Press Gang Publishers in 1994, and is now distributed by Lazara Press.