by Helen Potrebenko
$10.00; originally published by New Star Books

In 2009, the Globe and Mail discovered Helen Potrebenko’s Taxi as a “Buried Treasure”.

“In the 1970s and ’80s, Helen Potrebenko was a cherished and important Vancouver writer, well known for her early writing in Pedestal, Canada’s first women’s-liberation newspaper, and for her numerous books that included short stories, novels, poems and plays. Hers was the significant working-class urban feminist voice. She also had jokes, good ones. Modern Times, a major bookstore in San Francisco, had a big sign telling customers that if they only read one book in 1975, it should be Taxi!” — Anakana Schofield

Check out Anakana’s blog, Have You Read Taxi? for the story of Taxi!‘s 30th birthday party, held at Vancouver Public Library on April 29, 2010.