by Lauri Nerman

Broadside, 5×8, folded. $5.00

“Dying is not on an activist’s agenda,
the act of surrendering, acceptance
giving up
for the unknown”

Jannit Rabinovitch, a long-time community activist, died in January of 2007 of cancer. She was a co-founder of PEERS (Prostitute Empowerment Education and Resource Society) and brought women escaping violence and homelessness together to build Sandi Merriman House.

Lauri Nerman read this poem at Jannit’s memorial service. At the request of Jannit’s family, and with the permission of the author, all proceeds from the sale of the poem will go to the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre in Vancouver, British Columbia.

In April 2007 The Globe and Mail published an obituary of Jannit’s life and achievements.