Walking Slow
Helen Potrebenko

Walking SlowHelen Potrebenko

67 pp; $10.00 ISBN 0-920999-00-X This is Potrebenko’s first collection of verse, published in 1985.     I hope it’s a restaurant and not a bank,     climbing that jesus great hill after Revelstoke.     I hope it’s summer and not winter in Rogers Pass.     Before I get too old for walking,     I’d like to get to Newfoundland.     I’ve…

Helen Potrebenko

Taxi Helen Potrebenko

$10.00 plus shipping charges. In 2009, the Globe and Mail discovered Helen Potrebenko’s Taxi as a “Buried Treasure”. “In the 1970s and ’80s, Helen Potrebenko was a cherished and important Vancouver writer, well known for her early writing in Pedestal, Canada’s first women’s-liberation newspaper, and for her numerous books that included short stories, novels, poems…