When Activism Stops: For Jannit Rabinovitch,
Social Activist Extraordinaire

Lauri Nerman

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Broadside, 5×8, folded. $5.00 “Dying is not on an activist’s agenda, the act of surrendering, acceptance giving up for the unknown” Jannit Rabinovitch, a long-time community activist, died in January of 2007 of cancer. She was a co-founder of PEERS (Prostitute Empowerment Education and Resource Society) and brought women escaping violence and homelessness together to…

Jacqueline Oker

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Oker is a Beaver Indian from Peterson Crossing, British Columbia. “Remember” is a poignant and timely poem about growing up in a residential school, and about how white society is now encouraging her to reclaim her culture: How can I, I replied. You pounded these sinful ways out of me Remember? Broadside Illustration by Russell…